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As a yachting repair company specializing in marine electrical systems, we often find that a lack of communication with our busy clients causes problems with scheduling and billing. However, working directly with Erica at USA Yacht Service, has taken all of that hassle away. She is professional, organized and has an amazing handle on the needs of her clients and priorities for repair work. She understands well the technical aspects of the yachts. We were able to access the vessel to conduct our work without running into other contractors; avoiding unnecessary repair delays. We received prompt payments and we look forward to working with her in the future. 

Petrus Sundevall

President , Fine Line Marine Electric

We are a foreign flagged 100’ motor yacht traveling throughout Europe and North America. With a busy schedule, I started working with Erica at USA Yacht Service for the past six years dealing with clearances, immigration, licensing, and crew visas.

As we are always on the move, I found it very useful and convenient to have Erica as a fore front office in handling the orders and shipments of all spare parts and the logistical side of things. Her professionalism, organizational skills, planning, and reliability has made our recent 10 Year Class survey seamless and effortless. As we had such a short time period due to planning. Her commitment allowed me and the crew to focus on the work happening on board while she handled all contractors/vendors planning, scheduling and also payment. Throughout the years of working together she has really proven herself with her expertise of knowing the industry and contributing to a five-star service.

Captain Christophe Junca


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